Our Team

The Creative Experts at the helm of EPI-Colorspace.

Himmat Singh

Himmat’s diverse background helps him to be uniquely qualified to align business objectives and client expectations. He’s adept at optimizing marketing spend and understanding client’s budgets/constraints. Previously, Himmat was a VP for Asia’s largest RE Developer and has run a chemicals business. Most recently he was a CEO of a Healthcare Services Company in the Midwest.

Jim Moore

Jim offers decades of visual arts experience with a focus on putting client needs first. Previously, Jim was Vice President of Operations for Colorfax Laboratories, General Manager of Fuji Trucolor Maryland region, and Chief Operating Officer for Multi- Media Holdings, Inc. His broad career experience makes him a strong leader and expert in the visual arts arena.

Theresa Clark

Finance & Accounting Director
Theresa has for over 20 years provided EPI-Colorspace with corporate accounting and budgeting expertise. She focuses on the timely processing, recording, monitoring, and maintaining of financial transactions and accounts. During her spare time Theresa enjoys hiking and birding in state parks.

John Alvord

John’s vast background in the industry gives him the expertise to assist clients. He has long-standing relationships with major corporate marketing firms, art galleries and museums. John started his career in 1980 as a CSR for Colorfax and started his own photo lab in Georgetown, which operated for 10 years before being sold. He came to EPI in 1999 and his clients continue to be rewarded by his unique skills and experience.

Larry Forte

With 30+ years industry experience, Larry Forte excels at helping clients achieve their marketing and tradeshow goals. His strategic thinking and focus on details, make Larry a valuable and insightful partner on exhibit design, fabrication, printing, signage, project management and tradeshow logistics support. Prior to EPI-Colorspace, Larry was responsible for Business Development for MHI and managed integrated marketing communications and graphics production.

Kevin Armentrout

Accounts Manager
A dedicated USMC veteran, Kevin is known for his exemplary service to his country/community. Due to his daughter's journey, Kevin is actively involved in Autism awareness/advocacy initiatives. He has served as a commissioner for a baseball team as well. Kevin is recognized for his unwavering reliability and prides himself on never missing a deadline. He joined EPI to further his impact on clients.

Patricia Ivers

Patricia offers years of industry experience including management of a production studio, typesetting, drafting, silk screening and creating presentation materials for multiple US Army Training Aids Centers. Her clients benefit from her close attention to detail, ability to work within budget, first-hand knowledge of various production processes and creative options to best meet clients’ needs.

Dwight Entwistle

Dwight is the primary customer contact and manages production, schedules installations and maintains quality control. He began his career as Traffic Manager for one of the Metro areas largest Typesetting and Design Services Company - Litho Composition Services. He brings this unique skill set to EPI-Colorspace resulting in optimal client satisfaction and superb project workflow.

Charles Williams

Logistics Manager
Charles brings over 20 years’ experience with enhancing the EPI-Colorspace customer experience. His focus is executing customer orders with precision, fulfilling purchasing requirements, and fielding hardware specifications and availability inquiries.

Oula Thavongsa

Finishing Manager
With over 24 years’ experience in exhibit fabrication and 33 years as a certified master picture framer, Oula is an expert in CNC routing, large format mounting, laminating, and tradeshow display graphics. His precision and passion are reflected in his daily work, and he is committed to giving clients his personal best with every project.

Paul Williamson

With over 20 years’ experience as Print Specialist and Graphic Designer, Paul was a Lithographer’s Mate in the US Navy, allowing him to refine his skills and inspire a strong sense of discipline and dedication. He brings these specialized insights and diverse range of skills to EPI-Colorspace.

Charles Whittington

Charles Whittington is a seasoned professional in graphic arts and printing with over 20 years’ experience. Throughout his career, he has created captivating visual experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Mike Machado

Mike brings his exhibit art show and display production skills from his experience at the Newseum. His creativity and attention to detail make Mike an asset in the daily print and design project workflow at EPI-Colorspace.

Andrew McGovern

Andrew began his career working for a small signs shop in Wheaton MD and then moved to a architectural signs firm, where he learned the nuances of signage and precision layouts and the finer aspects of architectural signage. For the past 15 years, he has been bringing these skills and experiences together at EPI-Colorspace.

Aaron Rossi

Aaron’s specialty is exhibit building and sign fabrication. His passionate, creative approach and technical expertise in printing and production enable Aaron to provide high-quality and precise signage, resulting in the creation of compelling exhibits and visually stunning signs.

David Truong

David puts his construction experience from Clark Davis and CBG to work for EPI-Colorspace as installer and finishing expert. He’s a creative and skilled team player, enhancing the installation team.

Terry King

Terry King, a dedicated Army veteran with experience serving in the renowned 101st Airborne Division. Transitioning from military service, Terry has applied my skills to various fields including Construction, HVAC, and Installation. Terry is thriving at EPI-Colorspace in his role and he brings a strong work ethic and adaptability to the team. Beyond work, he enjoys golf and is passionate about serving his community.
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